Nicklas was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. His passion for music started in a very young age through his father who is a jazz, blues and funk guitarist.

Nicklas has been interested in all forms of art, especially music. He has played drums and guitar since the age of 8.

The interest for electronic music started when a friend introduced him to acid and trance. Nicklas soon became a regular visitor at the few records stores that sold underground dance music in Stockholm.

In the year 2000 Nicklas planed his dream vacation, a long journey to Asia. But Nicklas became ill and he had to cancel the trip. Using the money he had saved for traveling he bought his first dj gear. That was the very start for his career. The genre at that point was psytrance, full-on and progressive.

After some years Nicklas was playing at underground parties almost every weekend in Sweden and Denmark. He was playing under alias such as “Dj Nirre” and “Flash Gordon”. He also did some live shows under the alias “Tryptamine”. Over a couple of years he had been playing B2B and alongside some of the world biggest psytrance artists such as Artax, Azax Syndrom, Z-Man, Logic Bomb and more.

As Nicklas got older his musical interest was changing to a more indoor and club style. In 2008 he started the record label Another Label Records that has released tracks from Pierce Fulton, Shane Silver, Gentry Jones, Frederic Van Hooft to name a few.

In 2010 a new era started for Nicklas. He has finally found his style of music, melodic and bass driven Techno and had his first release on ALR. In 2011 he decided to start a new record label called Rabbit Hole Recordings that is focusing on darker sounds like techno, tech-house, minimal and experimental music.

The mixture of his melodic tech-house combined with dark driving techno forms Nicklas’ specific sound.

His early dj career with psytrance, full-on and progressive has evolved into a modern funky bass and melodic driving style. He is always looking for new things to add in his live sets.

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