Upcoming GIG: Elly Awards 2013 Launch Party

On 4 december, 2013 by nicklasenace

Elly Awards 2013 Launch Party


Another great year is coming to an end for us electronic music lovers. It’s time to look back an say thanks to the people and events who have kept the vibe alive in Stockholm’s Underground Electronic Music Scene. It’s also time to look ahead for what to come on the dance floors.

On Friday Dec. 6th we will start the nomination period. Through our website you will be able to write in you favorites in the Elly award categories. The top five in each category will be chosen and voting begins December 20th..

This party will highlight some Djs and Producers who are excellent examples of Stockholm underground’s past, present and future. The scene is growing every year. New people mean new energy, new ideas and new direction both musically and in attitude. It is easy to get lost in all this. If we look to our past and at our present it might give us an idea of where we are going and a way to control that direction..

And remember; it is becoming more and more difficult to do these parties. Contrary to what most people think the financial rewards are very few. These awards are a way to say thank you to the people who make the effort so we all can have a good time ♥..


100kr in Advance
150kr at the door..

Space is limited
Tickets on sale at Fröken Anderssons Kaffebar
from Tuesday Dec. 3rd 17:00

Register to Attend


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